Nix Institute of Beauty | Makeup Services
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Our goal is not just to make you beautiful in white but to give you and your loved ones a moment they will treasure for the rest of your lives.


A decade and eight, a memorable date. Let our palettes enhance your true colors as you dance with roses on the ballroom floor.


Some events are too special that you have to entrust it only to professionals.


Our artists are trained to make you look natural or out of the ordinary.

Nix Institute of Beauty has a team for all occasions and clients all over Luzon, our HMUAs have different rates depending on seniority. Seniority corresponds to the length of their career as a professional HMUA, the skills they have developed all throughout their professional practice and their overall performance in the team. These rates may go down depending on the number of heads to style per event.

Let us know the exact details of your event/s so we can prepare a proposal with price quotation