Nix Institute of Beauty | Meet the Team
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Ms. Rani Soriano

Operation Director

Ms. Rani Soriano is the gentle and sweet lady always present in our classes and events. But behind her sweetness is a talent for making macabre SFX! She’s also skilled in doing beauty and bridal hair and makeup. She and the rest of the team will gladly give you makeup tips during the class and help you draw your eyebrows on fleek.

Mr. Lester Pilar

Media Director

Behind a great photo is a patient photographer. We bet our students and clients love Mr. Lester Pilar not only for his friendliness but also because he allows them to pose any way they want. No need to feel and look stiff with supermodel poses! Mr. Lester ensures that we get all the great shots during our events and classes because he knows how important they are for our artists’ portfolio.

Ms. Dane Lorica

PR & Marketing Director

Dane makes sure that our followers and students are updated with the latest news, gigs and even discounts offered by the institute. While the GLAM team takes care of the clients and partners, she manages the official page and website.

Ms. Irene Luna

Operation Manager/Executive Assistant

With the team’s busy schedule, Ms. Irene Luna make sure that no client is left unattended and no question get ignored. Ms. Irene is silent but very efficient when it comes to her job. she’s to hard working, she even tries to answer at wee hours.