Nix Institute of Beauty | FAQ
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Are you legit?

We understand your concern. The following are ways to check our legitimacy:

  1. You are welcome to join our Facebook group, “Institute of Beauty for Hair and Makeup Artist and Enthusiast” to view discussions and events with former NIB students
  2. You may view our Facebook photo albums for our past events and workshops.
  3. You may check the personal page of our Chief HMUA, Ms. Nix Soriano and personal pages of the rest of our team.
  4. You may scan the reviews from our former students and clients posted on our Facebook page. The security feature of our Facebook page does not allow the NIB team and page admins to control, modify or delete the contents of the reviews
  5. We believe in the power of Word of Mouth. We encourage you to do your own background checks before enrolling our classes or availing our services.

When is the deadline for payment?

We do not have deadlines for settlement of payments. We let students join and register as long as there are still available slots in their preferred class and schedule. However, our seats do get sold out so we strongly suggest that you book as early as possible. It’s best to contact us before depositing your down payment so we can check the availability of slots in your preferred class and schedule.

What to bring in class?

For the basic class:

Ideally, all you need to bring is a pen because our makeup buffet provides everything our participants will need for our Intro to Pro Class.
However, you have the prerogative to bring your own skin care and makeup kit if you have sensitive skin or you wish to practice using the items you already have.

For the advance classes:

Ideally you are to bring your complete professional makeup kit and tools when attending our advanced classes in preparation for your clients. We want you to learn how to work with the products you already own. But don’t worry! Should there be items that are lacking in your kit, you can always borrow from our makeup buffet.


The following are the products/items we suggest you should have in your professional makeup kit:
1. Skincare: cleanser, toner and moisturizer
2. Base: primer, color correctors, concealer, foundations and loose powder
3. Eyes: eyebrow product, eyeshadow palette, eyelashes, eyelash glue, eyeliner, mascara and curlash
4. Face: powder, contour, blush and highlighter
5. Lips: lip palette or lipsticks, Lipliner

1. Face and eye brushes
2. Sponges
3. Tweezers
4. Lash curlers
5. Hair tools and accessories
6. Mixing Palette

Are minors allowed to join?

We allow minors to join our workshops as long as they can provide a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. We have attached a waiver you should accomplish and bring on the day of the class (Note please attach a printed copy of 2 valid IDs of your parent/ guardian)

Can I just walk-in?

As much as we want to welcome walk-in students, our workshops have limited slots only. Also, our team refers to the official list of enrollees when preparing certificates, loot bags (giveaways from sponsors) and other materials prior the event.

How long are the classes? 

Intro to pro- 1 Day- 8 Hours
Eye Master- 1 Day- 10 Hours
Airbrush Master- 1 Day- (AB101) 5 Hours (AB102) 5 Hours
Bridal Master- 2 Day- 20 Hours
Pro Class- 2 Day- 20 Hours

How many slots per classes?

The number of slots for our workshops within the metro and out of town differs. Usually, available slots for our workshops out of town are more than the number of slots we offer for our workshops held within the metro. However, the total head count every workshop is irrelevant because we make sure that for every 5 to 7 students, there is one trained HMUA, who provides supervision and assistance to those students. Plus Ms. Nix provides over-all assistance and supervision to the whole class.

Are you TESDA accredited?

Nix Institute of Beauty is DTI and BIR registered. However, classes we are offering are not TESDA courses.

TESDA does not offer a course that solely focuses on makeup. However, they have a program that tackles different beauty treatments such as hair treatments, facials, nail treatments and some information about the basics of makeup

The TESDA course will take you weeks to months to complete. Our classes usually run for 1 to 2 days only.

Please be reminded that we are not, in any way, related to TESDA. If you have further queries about TESDA courses, it’s best to get in touch with them.

Do I need to bring a model?

For Intro to Pro Class:
No need to bring a model because this class only covers the basics and fundamentals of hair and makeup artistry. During this workshop, you will have to do your own makeup.

For Advanced Classes:
You need to bring model/s who will fit your class description.

How can I join Internships? Are there payments to join? 

Nix Institute of Beauty Internship Program is open and free for all our graduates.

Ms. Rani, our Operations Director regularly updates the pinned post in our Facebook group so that aspiring HMUAs will know more about our upcoming gigs. Note that internships are given based on the student’s capabilities and level of knowledge. For instance, Intro to Pro graduates are well versed with the Basics of makeup. Hence, they are given internships during events that only require basic hair and makeup skills.

Pro Class Boot Camp graduates are well-versed with all kinds of makeup that includes fashion, television and photography. Hence, they are given internships that cover photo shoots, fashion shows, video shoots and the likes.

Bridal Master Class graduates are well versed with bridal makeup. Hence, they are prioritized during wedding internships. Likewise, Airbrush Master Class and Eye Master Class graduates are given internships based on their specialization.

You may check-out gig schedules posted under the Internship thread in our Facebook group. Reply “mine” on the post if you want to become an intern of that specific gig.

You won’t be able to see the thread unless you’re a member of our Facebook group. To become a member of the group, kindly click this link ( and join the group.

Once you become a member, you can check out the pinned post of the group for the Internship thread  or simply click on this link (

Can I skip the basic class and take the advance classes straight?

You may enroll straight to our Advanced Classes and skip the Intro to Pro Class for as long as you know all the basics and fundamentals of hair and makeup artistry which include the following:
1. Color wheel for makeup
2. Base routines: primer, foundation, color correction, concealer and powder
3. Basic brow shaping, filling and grooming
4. Basic eyeshadow routine for day and night makeup
5. Highlight, contour and blush
6. Lipstick application
7. Basic hair styling
8. Basic curling and straightening

Can I bring my kids/babies or a chaperon on the class?

Note: Children and their guardian staying in the designated area will not be charged. However, children or guardians who will join inside the workshop area will be considered as participants and therefore, will be required to pay the full workshop fee.

We love kids! Ms. Nix and some of our team members are mothers as well and understands your situation completely. However, please do understand that we also have to put into consideration the convenience of all our students. During our workshops, we want our students to completely focus on our discussions so they can leave the classroom with new knowledge and skills

Our team does not allow children in our workshop area but our venues in Taft, Alabang and Ortigas have waiting rooms where you can leave your children under the care of their guardian.